bluegrain multimedia began in the late 1990's, as the internet was just finding its feet. there wasn't yet google, facebook, blogs, itunes, smartphones, tablets, everything else we now take for granted. most people were on dial-up connections, and most businesses did not yet see the need for, or the value in, having a website. my, so much has changed.

we went from dragging text blocks and images in a wysiwyg editor, to working with some of nashville's cutting edge dotcoms, such as (nashville's new media providor for music row), and idealmusic (think itunes a decade ahead of its time).

along the way, broadband meant content delivery had improved. html5 and css3 meant websites could do more. and responsive design meant that sites would display across a range of devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops. along the way, we've kept up.

and along the way, we were being asked to do print graphic work for our clients. soon, posters, flyers, signage, even cd covers became an integral part of our business.

we specialise in graphic design and print-ready needs, as well as designing, hosting, and maintaining websites for small business, churches, schools, charities, home business, and creative individuals. contact us today to discuss your needs, and your vision.